I love my home sweet home - a turn of the century Queen Anne farmhouse built on three gently sloping acres. Its front porch is gateway to a house that grew willy-nilly over the decades, which sort of explains why my daughters can only access their bedroom through the main downstairs bath. Built-ins and wood floors and french doors with skeleton keys are reminders of an era past..
Halfway up the drive, a one room guest house is tacked on to the back end of the garage, and across the way, over the fence, and through the grass, a playhouse with front porch and a mailbox of its own is tucked under a tree. My three youngest children made it their own for the years that such things mattered.
The original barn still stands, home to a barn owl who trades lodging in the second story hay loft for all the rodents it can eat. A smaller structure squats in the shadow of the barn - part chicken coop, part garden shed, and so ‘primitive’ that others would have bulldozed it if I hadn’t stood my ground. 

To the south, a neighbor's vineyard borders our property, and I often sit in the gazebo next to our pool and gaze across rows and rows of grape vines to the verdant hills beyond. I do so love this place.

But, the path from love to covet can be a short one, so when my STBEx filed for divorce 2 years, 10 months, and some days ago, I knew what had to be done. I hadn't endured thirty difficult and lonely years for the sake of the people I love only to see it end by fighting over real estate. So, I loosened the first of many heart strings that bind me to my home and offered to sell it as part of our settlement. I included it in my first proposal, as well as my last, offered at our trial on January 16, 2015. We are still awaiting the judge’s ruling.

 I've spent many a day and night wondering how God would prepare me to leave my home, but He finally, surely has, and like all of His plans, it’s a one-of-a-kind humdinger.

Here's how it began…    



Patti Bonar
03/08/2015 9:39am

I know how you have loved the home you are about to let go of. You raised your 7 children there laughed a million times.saw many "firsts" with your beautiful grandchildren. Cried a thousand tears. But what I have found when I've had to let go of the places I loved the most for happy reasons or regrettable. The place is just the structure. Everything that you choose to remember that you choose to keep close to your heart is still tied to your heart strings. You will incorporate them into your new home and magically it will become a place you never knew you could love so much. Change is so very hard. And to let go of such a history had to be frightening and kinda devastating. Change seems to always find goodness. You will also have our support to tie onto your heartstrings. Save one for me my darling. Love you so much. PDB

03/08/2015 12:39pm

I'm grateful for the time I've been given to process this transition.. Change doesn't always come so gently. Love you, too.

03/08/2015 10:08am

I love the way you write. It's always honest and my heart either laughs or cries. This journey that you've been on is coming to a bittersweet end, and your next journey is going to be "your time" Karen, you have a novel waiting to be written inside you, and this novel will make us laugh and cry just as your short stories have. As I read to Ron your words, we both cried. You move your readers and your friends. I miss you and wish I could hug you right now!

03/08/2015 12:49pm

I'd take that hug right now, Pam, and thanks for your kind words.. Love and miss you


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